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Gaudy Editor on The Huffington Post

I’m still not sure why I love reviews so much, and yet come to literary criticism with caution, and occasional reluctance. Perhaps it is because I’m afraid that that one day we will read Foucault in lieu of Chaucer, or Barthes instead of Virginia Woolf, that we face some dark literary Armageddon when criticism will replace literature in the classroom as the prime object of study. Maybe it’s because I read reviews for fun and I read criticism for homework.

While Gabrielle’s working on her Gaudy series “Political Antidotes,” she’s also been writing for The Huffington Post. Her latest article, “Good Criticism: The Act of Giving a Guided Tour of the Artistic House,” was published this morning. She discusses the critic-creator dilemma and, obviously, references Doctor Who in the process.

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