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Gaudy Editors Abroad

Two roads diverged into a (British) wood

Two roads diverged into a (British) wood

Did you miss us?

We all like sheep have gone astray. One of our New Years’ resolutions is to improve our consistency in posting on this lovely blog, and in honor of that resolution, will be posting daily from January 1 – 14. Starting the week of the 14th, we will be posting three times a week.

But on to the more interesting bit. What shall we be writing? Your editors are currently on a research-and-study trip to England, the land of poetry and pudding and public bridleways. Throughout our trip, we will be chronicling and musing on the role of literature in contemporary culture through posts, videos and possibly podcasts. We hope you will enjoy our forays into mixed media and Westminster Abbey; feel free to suggest topics and tips in the comments section.

Cheers! – Gabrielle & Hannah

Where do you see the influence of English poetry in everyday life? Any poems or poets in particular? 

One comment on “Gaudy Editors Abroad

  1. sharon Scott
    January 2, 2013

    To hannah, I have NEVER done this before. My comment is to have fun, work and play hard, and be safe. Don’t know if these are prper comments but remember I am new. at this. Love you much. Love the blog. (It is my first) and you and your friend are quite talented. Your embarrassing GREAT Aunt Sharon

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