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Happy Birthday, Pride and Prejudice!

Detail of Jane Austen Portrait. Wikimedia Commons.

Detail of Jane Austen Portrait. Wikimedia Commons.

Hello, world!

We’ve been absolutely terrible bloggers, it’s true. But we’re back to kick of the greatest week in the last hundred years: yes, it’s Jane Austen week here at Gaudy, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Austen’s seminal classic, Pride and Prejudice (with regards to the word seminal: no offense intended to those of you who contend that Emma is the best Austen—and props to your scholarship as well.)

Throughout the week, we’ll be offering meditations on varying aspects of this novel, including views on Darcy’s estate prowess, the modern-day phenomenon attached to the love story, and books you could have been reading instead of rereading this (all-too-addictive) novel 5,000 times.

See you soon!

-Hannah and Gabrielle


One comment on “Happy Birthday, Pride and Prejudice!

  1. prisailurophileblog
    January 30, 2013

    It’s about time! Been waiting for a new blog post for some time now 🙂

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