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The Gaudy Commencement: June 2013

Professor Gorgas, Columbia. Library of Congress, c. 1913.

Professor Gorgas, Columbia.
Library of Congress, c. 1913.

Dear Friends, Followers, Readers, Collaborators and Conspirators:

We are ones for grand gestures and mad manifestos. We appreciate stereos upheld on suburban lawns, “We the Peoples,” and Aaron Sorkin monologues.

And so, approximately 18 months after its inception, we are announcing the Official Commencement of this our Gaudy blog.  Starting in June, our kickoff month, we will be posting about 5 times a week. We will be Tweeting. We will be commentating. We will be contemplating. We will be not responding to questions we don’t understand in the most Bluthian manner.

Nor will we be doing it alone. We’re excited to collaborate with friends, bloggers and freelance writers to bring you the most interesting cultural commentary you’ve seen on the web in a while. We’ve enlisted the services of a fabulous graphic design team to create a Gaudy logo and expand the website. We’ll be partnering with debut and established authors, artists and filmmakers to showcase new developments in art and talk about what that means.

And we’ll be working with you, beloved readers, to develop a quirky, intellectual community of rabbit trail-ers and book-musers, of reviewers and creators, of those who believe in the Great Conversation 2.0.

Welcome to Gaudy.

All the best,

Hannah and Gabrielle


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