It's the new black.



Gabrielle Linnell (Editor) was called “my favorite up-and-coming young blogger and writer” by the editor of Writer’s Digest in 2007. She has written for USA Today College blog, the Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Huffington Post, the mental_Floss blog, Cobblestone, FACES, Kiki, and other publications. She was profiled in Chicken Soup: Extraordinary Teens (2009). Follow her on Twitter @gclinnell.

Hannah Townsend (Editor) is the co-editor of A Generous Medium: Photography at Wellesley 1972 – 2012 (2012). A lifelong devotee of Joyce, she has an incurable interest in domesticity, J. Crew, and British miniseries (plural). She graduated from Wellesley College, has worked in the museum world, and is pursuing a graduate degree while attempting to reconcile Waugh with Watteau. Follow her on Twitter @HMTownsend.

Lilli Johnson-Moffet is a technical writer and editor. When she’s not deploying her high-functioning OCD to engage in verbal scrimmages about the proper use of the Oxford comma, she devours all things criticism from Oscar Wilde to A.O. Scott. Her love of Scott knows no bounds, except for those imposed by the New York Times’ subscription service. She can also be seen performing stand-up comedy at venues around Boston. She graduated from Wellesley College in 2011. Follow her on Twitter @lillijomo.


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